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Team honors longtime member, friend

November 1, 2004

Albany- The most valuable members of a team are the ones who put the team first, no matter what.

That's the kind of team member Al Wright was. Al was number 44 on the Road Dogs, an Albany Recreational softball team that's been together for more than 20 years. He died of cancer last week.

But Monday night, the team surprised his family by dedicating the field they played on to him. Al loved to play rain or shine and regardless of how cold it was.

"It was below zero degrees and ice was falling everywhere, but he still wanted to play ball," said team member Melvin Williams. "So we felt that we should honor him on the ball field because it was something he loved to do."

"They had a true team," said Wright's widow Phoebe. "It was always for the team. It was never about one person."

Al Wright Field is at the Gordon Sports Complex.

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