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South Georgians pray for the nation

November 1, 2004

Albany- With hands raised and voices lifted Christians cried out for the nation, for it's leadership and for the issue at the heart of the election.

"Also pray for our troops and lift them up who give us the right to be a free nation and a free country and vote and the right to assemble like we are tonight," said Art Johnson.

They weren't there to campaign or to pray for a certain candidate.

"But God's people in general. And we just turn this nation back towards God," Johnson said.

A nation preparing to make a decision that affects the world. And a nation looking to its young generation for hope.

"I believe that it helps bring about unity for those who really believe in Jesus Christ," said Albany State University student Courtney Spencer.

The ones who can vote and even the one who can't. But they're not expecting miracles after just one session of praise. They've been praying day after day for 120 days.

"It's attended every morning by many different denominations, different races and we're here every morning seven days a week 7:30," he said.

And at 7:30 Tuesday morning, they'll be here, praying and praising as people go to the polls.

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