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Youngsters vote for President

November 1, 2004

Thomasville - Aunt Sammie passes out stickers to thank three year old Hand-in-Hand students for voting. One by one, they cast ballots for the person they believe will be the best President. When asked who she voted for Marion Rose Young says, "George Washing...Um, George Bush." Noah McDowell says, "John Kerry," got his vote. And then Lane Quick adds in, he too voted for, "Um..George Bush."

Okay, that's one vote for Kerry, two for Bush. But none of them actually count, so why are these kids voting? Jeanna Mayhall says, "We're just hoping that the younger we get them started, the more they'll remember and it will motivate them to go to the polls when they're 18, to have a voice for their country."

Kids voting is a lot like regular voting, except their ballots have pictures of the candidates. They go to their private voting booths, make a selection, and once they've cast their ballot, they get a sticker to show that they've voted.

So after all the ballots are counted, and recounted, the winner is announced. Who is it? "Bush, by a very slight majority," says Mayhall.

And that makes some of these young voters very happy. Marion Rose Young says Bush is her "favorite man."

If today's 15 vote victory is any indication of tomorrow's vote, it's going to be another close call. Tomorrow, children in Thomasville will be allowed to vote at the polls, as long as they bring one registered voter along with them.

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