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Dougherty County prepares for election day

November 1, 2004

Albany - The voting machines are in place and Dougherty County is ready for election day. "People are going to have to be patient," said Elections Supervisor Carolyn Hatcher. "It's going to be long lines all over the United States of America."

Dougherty County election officials expect 805 registered voters will cast their ballots Tuesday. Monday, three work crews unloaded and set up voting machines at all Dougherty County voting precincts today. "They are sealed with a metal seal. Then, we also have a long metal cord with the paddle lock that secures the machines, so nobody could get to them," said Hatcher. Security measure are tight since national polls predicted the Presidential race will be extremely close.

Elections supervisor Carolyn Hatcher expects long lines at all polling sites from the time doors open at 7:00AM until they close at 7:00PM. "If someone is in line at 7:00PM, we will make a note of that person. And, everyone in line at that time will get to vote."

You can speed up the wait by familiarizing yourself with the sample ballot while in line, so you can vote quickly. And, if you're confused about what precinct to go to - call ahead. "It would be horrible if they waited to find out they were in the wrong precinct," Hatcher said.

More than 4,000 people decided to beat the election day crunch by voting early. But, there are still 41,000 more registered voters who'll be casting ballots Tuesday.

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