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Nine year old home after brain surgery

October 31, 2004

Sylvester- "Speaking of Jurassic Park I think I know a dinosaur that was in it," says nine year old Dezmande Hope as he flips through the pages of his dinosaur encyclopedia.

Hope's extensive knowledge and fascination for dinosaurs is still in tact, even after undergoing brain surgery.

"I can see one of everybody now but I still feel a little bit of pain around my head where they cut it," he says.

Hope was born with a rare brain disorder called Chiari that caused severe migraines and double vision, but when it was time to doctor's to perform his surgery, a brave Dezmande was ready.

"He got up that morning and we were getting ready and came and said momma. Then smiling from ear to ear, he said I'm ready. That just energized me when he said that. I just knew it was going to be okay," says his mother Vontresia Hope.

It would be okay because the Hope family not only had hope, but they had faith and the prayers of an entire community.

"I just want this opportunity to tell the community thank you. Thank you for everything because we have a long way to go, but the crucial part is past us now," Vontresia says.

Dezmande's advice for children facing a challenge like his...

"Don't be frustrated just hope it will be all right. It will be all right if you hope it. If you hope and believe in God it will come true."

Therapists say it could take weeks before the fourth grader returns to his pre-surgery occupational development level, but Dezmande doesn't mind as long as he's got two things to keep him going, his new dinosaur encyclopedia...

"I have to keep it hid, so my sister won't take it to school," he says.

... And enough strength to pray for a full and complete recovery.

It could take up to eight weeks for Dezmande to heal. He hopes to return to school by the beginning of the year.

The Hope family has requested that all get well cards and gifts be sent to Hopewell Baptist Church, c/o Dezmande Hope, P.O. Box 5334, Sylvester, Georgia, 31791.

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