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Early voting is now over

October 29, 2004

Albany-- Even though early voting lines seemed long in Albany, many still had smiles on their faces. Voters enjoyed having the choice to vote on an alternative day. But, if you didn't vote early, it's too late.

The big crowds who did, may means that your polling place will be less crowded Tuesday. The elevators are working overtime.

"The elevator is a fire hazard so we're trying to keep it from getting too crowded," said Sue Coker.

"She stops them and when they get past the elevators I tell them and she sends more up."

More Dougherty County early voters sent up to the second floor. "Some of you can come over here," she says to the voters.

"Yes it has, it's been real busy," said Coker. To voter:" Oh, you're ready, you can vote, go right through that door."

And business has been good. "It was like this all day yesterday, all day," she said.

But this traffic jam today may make it easier on poll workers on Tuesday. Alonzo Chattmon said, "I figured I would go ahead and give it a shot, because more than likely I would be busy November 2nd."

Some little ones slept thorough all the commotion. Coker said, "Somebody told me earlier about 45 minutes."

"Approximately 20 minutes, it hasn't been long," said Alonzo Chattmon. In one door and out the other, up and down the elevator, but these voters are done with their American responsibility and can rest on Tuesday.

Over 950 voters cast their ballots Friday.

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