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Halloween safety tips

October 29, 2004

Albany--  Albany and Dougherty County will be covered with ghosts, goblins, and other trick or treaters Sunday evening. Albany Police remind you to make it a safe good time.

Eager Children dressed in costumes going door-to-door for candy and treats is great fun, but it can also become a dangerous situation. Lt. Kenn Singleton said "We want them to make sure they are out there thinking about safety. The time that they are out there. As soon as it gets dark, we recommend that they do participate in the halloween festivities. From 6 PM to no later that 9 o-clock is a good time."

Costumes can make it hard for children to see or be seen. Police says motorists should drive at least five miles per hour slower than the posted speed, especially in neighborhoods.

Parents are encouraged to walk with their kids. Carry flashlights, walk with traffic, and stay in familiar areas.

Homeowners should turn all outdoor lights on. Singleton said "You wanta be what we call Halloween Friendly. In other words, you wanta put up pets, you don't want a lot of things in the yards. Cars and other vehicles need to be put up under carports, garages."

Fires in pumpkins or other decorations could catch costumes on fire, so don't use candles near trick-or-treaters. Make it a ghoulish but safe Halloween for all to enjoy.

 The Albany Police will have their Pumpkin Patrol out in force Sunday night. Officers will patrol in decorated Police units, giving candy to children, and keeping a close eye for tricksters.

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