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ASU students exercise their freedom

October 29, 2004

Albany-- One segment of the population is being courted by everyone from rock stars to presidential candidates--young voters.

Many of them are responding, as some Albany college students proved today.

It was a small crowd--"Let's go and rock the vote!"--with a BIG voice.

About 20 Albany State University students walked a mile from their campus to the government center, chanting "Vote or die!"

"I wore my most comfortable shoes, I put on my walking shoes and I am ready to go," says ASU Senior Erica Davis.

With a thumbs up from Junior Martin Wells, many of these first time voters were ready to choose who they want for president, "I am very excited, I am only 21 and this is my first presidential election, so I am very, very excited."

Their youthful enthusiasm was contagious--ASU Sophomore Kendaria Favors even helped a blind man cast his ballot, "I think that was great of him to come out. He was disabled yet some people are able but find excuses like I have to work and I don't have time, or my vote doesn't count, when it really does."

These kids know their vote does count, "The main thing we want to do is get kids out there to vote, we don't care who you vote for we just want you to vote," a message they are spreading.

More than 1,500 Albany State University students registered to vote in time for this year's presidential election.

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