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SPLOST vote will lower homeowners insurance

October 28, 2004

Mitchell County - Better fire protection can help you with your insurance bills, but it's up to Mitchell County voters to vote yes to SPLOST.

Fire departments in Mitchell County are asking voters for their support.

The extra tax money will eventually give the departments two and a half million dollars to help buy fire equipment. That equipment will not only better protect you in case of a fire, it will make homeowners insurance cheaper.

Firefighters are hoping Mitchell County voters back them up. Sale City Fire Chief Ski Smigelski says, "We're just hoping everybody backs us up on this and helps get this put through."

They want voters to say yes to SPLOST. He adds, "Right now, we have areas that don't really have fire protection."

The SPLOST money will buy new fire equipment and trucks. And the more firefighters can protect each and every home in Mitchell County, homeowners insurance will go down.

The Insurance Service Office, or ISO, can lower the county's fire rating, in turn lowering insurance premiums for homeowners. Smigelski explains, "They [inspectors] look at the fire protection and how much water we can pump on a fire. It's all based on the fire departments, what we can do to protect the property."

He adds, "The departments don't have the money to do it. We are all volunteers and it takes everything we can just to keep the doors open at the departments."

And if the SPLOST referendum passes everybody who buys something in Mitchell County helps the cause.

The one percent SPLOST will go toward nearly 30 other projects.

The 2006 SPLOST money will also help build fire substations around Mitchell County.

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