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Professor wants sheriff's slot

October 28, 2004

Valdosta-- Next week, voters in Lowndes County could elect the county's first female sheriff. But to make history, she'll have to beat the man who's held the office for 12 years.

Sheriff Ashley Paulk says his 12 years in office tell a success story. "We've tripled the number of personnel on the roads, we've brought the crime rate down," said Paulk.

But there's more plans he wants to finish, like the construction of a new much needed jail. "I want to make sure that's done right because there have been jails in the past that haven't been built adequately and I can save taxpayers money by watching over the cost," said Paulk.

As incoming president of the Georgia Sheriff's Association, Paulk says he's not only looking out for Lowndes County, but for the whole state. "I've always had strong ethics in my office and I want to see them state-wide," said Paulk.

His opponent, Victoria English, admits Paulk has done a good job as sheriff. "I give him credit for what he has done," said English. But she wants to bring a new perspective to the department; the perspective of a woman. "I really want to give the department a professional image," said English.

Like Paulk, she too is pushing the construction of a new jail. "It's inhumane and its a lawsuit waiting to happen," said English.

The former Jacksonville Sheriff's officer also wants to lead the office to national accreditation. "To bring our sheriff's department up to national standards like the Valdosta Police department has done, that gives you more accountability in your actions and procedures," said English.

English is running on the Republican ticket, Paulk is a Democrat.

Sheriff Ashley Paulk is also a pecan farmer and owner of Valdosta Electric. Victoria English is an English instructor at Valdosta State University.

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