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$1 million in cocaine seized

October 28, 2004

Albany-- More than 26 pounds of powder and crack cocaine were found hidden in a car last night. It started as South Georgia law enforcement helping the Drug Enforcement Agency find three Albany men wanted on Federal charges, but ended with drug agents finding one of the biggest hauls of cocaine in years.

Drug agents lay out 11 bricks of cocaine, weighing 26.5 pounds, worth more than $1.2 million on the streets. Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Commander Major Bill Berry said, "I think it will put a big bite into what is available, and we have got some major players off the street."

Federal D.E.A. agents had warrants for the arrest of William Johnson, well known to local drug agents as "Junior Pete." A major lookout involving Dougherty County, Lee County, GBI, and the Georgia State Patrol got underway at noon. At 6:30 one of Johnson's S.U.V.'s was stopped on Highway 300, and the coke was found in a hidden compartment under a baby seat.

"It was actually hidden under the back seat where the infant was sitting." Cheryl Davis had her six month old son sitting on top of the hidden compartment where the coke was found. Davis and Dontavis Lakes are charged with trafficking cocaine.

Later a G.S.P. helicopter spotted another of Johnson's S.U.V.'s on Philema Road. Drug Agents stopped it at the corner of Philema and Jefferson, arresting Johnson, Tommy Moore, and John Hicks, all being held on federal charges.

They had four thousand five hundred dollars in cash. Now Drug Agents say they will try to tie Johnson to the seized cocaine. "He was not in the vehicle that this was recovered out of. So what we need to do is print this, hopefully get some stuff back and put this dope on him or in his operation," Berry said.

The cell phones seized in the million dollar cocaine bust have been ringing all morning. They will be part of the continuing investigation as agents track where the dope came from, and where it was headed.

GBI Special Agent Michael Lewis said "This is one of the largest busts in recent history, and I think it will have a major impact in Southwest Georgia."

Ten and a half kilos of cocaine that will not be sold on South Georgia streets. All five arrested in the bust are being held in the Dougherty County jail.

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