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Early voters setting state record

October 27, 2004

Albany-Tony Jones is taking part in advanced voting for two reasons.

"Number one, that I get it done and number two, I can have peace of mind that my vote is going to count," he said.

So after a few minutes in line, he found himself at the registration table, filling out his name and address on the advanced voting sheet, the only part that is different about voting early. Then he showed his identification card, the poll worker checked his precinct and he waited again, this time on a voting computer.

"I think that our Secretary of State has done a magnificent job in promoting early voting and making sure people understand that they should take advantage of it."

Thousands of Georgians already have. And that goes for voters in Dougherty County too, with more than 2,308 already casting ballots. Now Tony is one of them.

"I think people are more conscious now about the power of the vote."

A powerful vote that he knows is already being counted.

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