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GBI says police officer didn't use brutality

October 27, 2004

Sylvester - The GBI rules a Sylvester police officer did not use excessive force during an arrest last summer. Thomas Evans claimed Sylvester Police officer Beth Pundavela and two Worth County deputies brutalized him. He says one deputy threw him to the ground while Pundavela drove her knees into his neck and back.

A GBI investigation cleared Pundavela. "We're endeavoring to have a number of programs to train our police officers to execute their duties in a more professional manner," said City Manager Danny Lucas. "At the same time, we've had the justice department to come in and do a town hall meeting so our citizens will know how to respond more adequately to our police department."

Evans was charged with obstruction when he refused to let officers search his mother's house. Officer Pundavela remains on the job.

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