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A soldier's homecoming surprises son

October 27, 2004

Ashburn - A south Georgia soldier gave his son the surprise of his life Wednesday. Seven year-old Dylan Bass had no idea that his father was coming home from Iraq.

He was surprised to find out WALB News Ten was doing a story about education featuring his class at Turner County Elementary. But, Dylan's real surprise was walking down the hall. His father, Sergeant First Class David Bass, came home from Iraq Tuesday night, but he didn't tell his son or 4 year-old daughter Daisy about his secret homecoming.

When Sergeant Bass walked into the classroom, Dylan screamed "DAD!" and ran and huge his dad. A crowd of students, teachers, and family surrounded the embarrassing two, most with tears in their eyes.

Dylan said good-bye to his dad nine months ago and didn't expect to see him again until January. But a few weeks ago, Sergeant Bass found out he was coming home for a two week leave.

"I went ahead and told my wife because she said I couldn't surprise her," David said. "But I told her not to tell the kids because I wanted to surprise them."

It wasn't an easy secret to keep. Even a classmate speculated what was about to happen moments before the reunion. "Jonathan told me he was coming at two o'clock, but I didn't believe him," Dylan said.

It is an unbelievable story. Now, this father and son have two weeks to do the things they love the most. "Play football, baseball, basketball, and watch the Miami Hurricanes," said Dylan. A much needed homecoming that started with an unforgettable surprise.

Sergeant Bass is a platoon sergeant with the 27th Infantry based out of Hawaii. His platoon main objective - find and capture insurgent forces outside Baghdad.

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