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Sheriff could make political history

October 27, 2004

Nashville - When Jerry Brogdon was elected Sheriff of Berrien County, he had one goal. "However long I may stay here, I want to leave it better than I found it," said Brogdon.

Now nearly 20 years later, he says he's met that goal and has a brand new law enforcement center to prove it. "We've got plenty of bed space plus everybody's got their own work station here and we can work much more efficiently," said Brogdon.

He also helped implement the county's first 9-1-1 system, which should be in place sometime next year. "The county's being mapped and addressed, all the equipment is ordered and everything's in place," said Brogdon.

But to continue his plans for the county, he'll have to beat Republican candidate Ben Davis. "In Berrien County, there needs to be a change in direction," said Davis.

The former military, Alapaha, and Nashville police officer says warrants aren't being served fast enough, and if elected, he'll start a warrant suspense program. "The warrants that come into the office will be immediately signed out to the deputy and he'll have a certain time he has to have those back in the office," said Davis.

He also wants to develop a citizens advisory committee and volunteer reserve deputy force. "We will augment the deputies in case we have some type of emergency and also for special activities," said Davis.

Now whether political history will be made or a new sheriff will start a new era is up to the voters.

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