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Running for House Seat 172

October 27, 2004

Grady County - Meet the candidates for House seat 172.

Gene Maddox is, "a Veterinarian that loves people. I grew up on a farm in Butts County, went to Abraham Baldwin College, met my wife, been married 50 years. I'm a family man, we got four sons, 10 grand kids, two beautiful little granddaughters."

Incumbent Wallace Sholar says he was, "Born in Grady County in 1938, served the public here in the grocery business for 32 years. I have two of my own children, two step-children and nine grandchildren. We're very family oriented and I have very strong family members."

Both men have strong family values, and very strong opinions about what Grady and Decatur County citizens need from their Representative. Maddox says, "Over in Decatur County, they're really concerned about the water issue, we're having that water issue and they're concerned about Atlanta possibly taking their precious water. We will never allow that if I am representative."

Sholar says, "Medicaid cuts and restoring the medically needy, particularly in the nursing homes."

So which one of these men should you vote for? And More importantly, why? Sholar says, "Look at the experience and the seniority I have and what I bring to the table and I'll continue to be responsible and accessible."

Maddox says, "You ought to learn the first part of your life, earn the second part, and then you ought to serve the third part. Well, I'm ready to serve now. I've served as a Veterinarian and now I want to serve as their Representative."

And one thing's for certain, on November 3rd, one of these men will be that Representative. House seat 172 represents all of Decatur County and two thirds of Grady County.

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