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Self defense can save your life

October 26, 2004

Albany - It's hard not to be afraid after watching the video of the robbery in Americus and hearing about the Albany rape. There are ways for women, and men, to protect themselves from an attacker.

First degree black belt Shaun Glover is trained to fight, but most of us aren't. Glover teaches self defense and says everyone can learn ways to protect themselves if attacked.

"You can strike to the groin, you can gouge out the eyes, and you can hit the nose." Sensitive body parts are an attackers weakness.

Glover says if you are grabbed from behind, "the best thing to do is to pull your throat into their elbow where they can't lock down on your throat and restrict your breathing. The muscle right below where your ribs come together is called you soloplex. If can take your elbow and hit that area hard enough, it will knock their breathe out. Or you can pick your foot up and stop down on their knee. Those are very effective self defense moves."

Even if you don't break the attackers knee, it may throw them off balance so you can run. If you're knocked to the ground and land on your back. "You got the elbow to the groin area, you can kick him in the head with your leg, and you can gouge out his eyes."

If the attacker comes at you from the front while you're on your back, "Pull up your legs, put them on his stomach, grab hold of him, and flip him over. Then, run."

Remember your keys, shopping bags, purse, pencil can be used as a weapon. Aim for the eyes, noses, groin and be strong!

"If your life depends on it, you have to do what it takes," said Glover.

There is a free self defense seminar Wednesday afternoon at Darton College from 11:00AM to 1:00PM. Dougherty County Sheriff deputies will show you ways to protect yourself from an attacker.

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