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Police begin to zero in on brutal thief

October 27, 2004

Americus-- There is a possible suspect in the brutal beating of two convenience store clerks.

Police in Americus are questioning a man, but they stop short of calling him a suspect. After the surveillance video aired on our news last night, dozens of people called the police with tips about the assailants.

The savage beating of two Flash Foods clerks is not easy to stomach, even for the police. "We work a lot of robberies, not to say we become detached but we know these clerks that work in these stores," said Lt. Richard McCorkle of the Americus Police Department. "Just the, just the violence of the attack kind of sets you back, it sets itself apart from any robbery we have had lately."

When the Flash Foods store reopened, regular customers are reeling from the news that there favorite store clerks were attacked. "Actually I think it is pretty crappy in itself and I hope they catch these guys because these ladies in here are really nice, every time I come in here I don't even have to ask, they know what I want," said Customer Brad Bankston.

"They had facial lacerations, there teeth were jarred loose, swelling in the face and other problems were they were repeatedly kicked and punched," said McCorkle. "I hate that it happened to them, cause those are some nice women, they are real nice."

The 64 and 52 year old women are recovering at home from a robbery much different than the many others in the city. "It's more, more brutal than our average convenience store robbery, and we do have a lot of robberies of our convenience stores," the detective said.

The BP convenience store is located just a block away from the Flash Foods and was robbed just a few days ago. The clerk here was also assaulted. "Open the cash register and the suspect slugged her in the mouth, knocked her back then took the money and run out the door, we don't see no connection between the two robberies," said McCorkle.

While the police say the robberies at the BP and Flash Foods aren't related one thing is identical-- the unusual violence.

No arrests have been made in the BP robbery. Investigators think the three men who robbed the Flash Foods yesterday could be tied to a robbery a few months ago in Dawson.

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