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Ministers offer voters ride to polls

October 26, 2004

Albany -- Albany Baptist Ministers say next week's election is too important to sit out. The Ministers are calling on all registered voters to Get Out to Vote. And they are pledging to help everyone in Dougherty County get to the polls so they can vote next Tuesday.

20 Albany Baptist Ministers gathered at the Beulah Baptist Church to finalize plans for next Tuesday, election day. Mt. Zion Baptist Church Reverend Dr. Daniel Simmons said "The November Second election is of the utmost importance."

So important that the Ministers have joined together to make sure that anyone in Dougherty County who needs help getting to the polls, will get it. Simmons said "We understand that one of the barriers to getting to the polls is transportation. So we are removing that barrier, by providing free of cost, a ride to the polls to anyone who desires a ride."

The Ministers assure they are non-partisan, and will not try to influence voters. They just want to make sure everyone in Dougherty County gets the opportunity to exercise their right to vote.

Simmons said "There are some issues in this election that are going to impact people's lives not only for the present, but for the distant future. And so we want to make sure the voices of the people are heard in this election."

From 7 AM until 7 PM November Second, The Albany Baptist Ministers will give you a ride to the polls from anywhere in Dougherty County.

Call 436-0920 or 439-7842 to arrange transportation to vote.

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