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Kids learn to "Just say no"

October 25, 2004

Bainbridge - This is red ribbon week, a time to remind kids about the dangers of drugs. That's exactly what took place Monday morning at Hutto Middle School in Bainbridge.

In the sea of sixth graders could sit a future Miss America. "I think that I have lots coming for me. I'm in pageants and I want to be Miss Georgia some day, and if I want to be Miss Georgia, then I can't let that ruin me," says Chelsea Kornse.

She knows drugs are dangerous, and bad news if you want to be successful. She says "They can be really addictive and you can't really stop, and it will change your live forever and ruin you." Chelsea and her classmates learned that if you do decide to use drugs there will be consequences, some of which, could be very painful.

Jim Griffin says, "Alcohol, it can hurt other people and you and smoking it hurts your lungs and it will kill you. It's real bad stuff." Bad stuff that this future Sheriff has learned about from his dad, Sheriff Wiley Griffin.

The Sheriff says, "We've got to teach our kids, starting young, to take responsibility and to make the tough decisions in telling their peers that they don't want any part of drugs and alcohol."

And that's what some of these kids are already doing. Timothy Fowler says, "Don't do drugs, because it's harmful, it could kill you." And we don't want to lose any of these future leaders to a senseless cause like drugs.

The students not only learned the dangers of illegal drugs, but of using alcohol and tobacco products illegally.

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