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Woman raped in Mall bathroom

October 25, 2004

Albany-- Investigators say a young woman, who they will only say is over the age of 18, reported the rape Friday night. She did not contact Police immediately, but called later in the night. She was too emotional to give much information.

Major Karen Majors of the Albany Police said, "Of course the situation was horrendous to her. She needed time to collect her thoughts and we are hoping to get her back in for more detailed interview."

The Albany Mall bathroom is in an isolated corridor, behind closed doors. It is located near their Mall offices but not visible from any store fronts. Albany Police want anyone who may have been accosted or bothered at the Mall recently to call Police.

Majors said "Looking at them, leering at them inappropriately, or made some lewd comment to them. Will they please make sure and contact us."

In the meantime, Police say women should use caution at any store bathroom, and stay with someone they know. "Then they need to use a public restroom where there are more people around, to keep themselves safe, try to not make yourself a target."

Majors said her Investigators are putting a special emphasis on this case, to get a brazen, dangerous criminal off the streets. "We're not going to rest until we catch who did this."

Police say they want help, but they won't tell us if they're looking for one man or two or even tell us the race of the suspect. The Albany Mall issued a brief statement late Monday, saying they contract with a professional security organization, and will make adjustments to the contract as conditions require.

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