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Grapefruit will cost more this season

October 25, 3004

Albany - If you like grapefruit, you will be dishing out more money this season for your favorite fruit.

Four hurricanes damaged Florida grapefruit trees.

Tommy McDowell, owner of Tommy Mc's Produce in Albany, says last year he sold grapefruits at three for a dollar. But, due to high wholesale prices, he increased his prices. Right now, it costs his customers 89 cents per grapefruit.

McDowell says, "Lots of vegetables and citrus are going to be two to three times the price they normally are. Once they get things planted on the vegetables again that could correct itself, but citrus, from what I hear, lots of areas were totally wiped out."

McDowell says last year he could buy a box for $12 or less, now he has to pay $20 to $25 dollars for a box of grapefruits.

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