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Valdostans line up for flu shots

October 25, 2004

Valdosta - The line wraps half-way around Mathis City Auditorium, and Pendleton Little is lucky number one. "I'm 77 years old and I got diabetes, so they told me I better get one," said Little.

Little is one of hundreds of people who set up shop before the sun even came up to ensure their chances at a flu shot. "There was about six or eight people for a little while, then it just kept growing and growing and growing," said Little.

The clinic opened at 9 Monday morning, but by 8:00, more than 400 people had arrived. "We have about 800 shots to give and I'd say we might be done lunch by the look of the line," said Jennifer Steedley, Public Information Officer.

These are the first vaccinations the district has received, since they depended on the company that recently had its manufacturing license for their entire supply. "7500 doses we had ordered from Chiron," said Steedley.

And hopefully, this won't be the last of the clinics. They continue to look around the state for more vaccines. "When the CDC was redistributing the vaccine, they looked at public health that had ordered from Chiron and are hoping to get some vaccines to those areas," said Steedley.

All 10 health departments in the South Health District gave out of the vaccines by 2:00 Monday afternoon.

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