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Dance academy offers Christian appeal

October 24, 2004

Tifton- The Upper Room Christian Dance Academy may have some of the tiniest ballet dancers you'll ever see, but here they're also considered God's little angels.

"I have three daughters and we were in a great dance school last year but they closed and moved, so opportunity just fell in my hands," says co-owner and instructor Nicole Gaye.

It was an opportunity for co-owners Christy Pollock and Nicole Gaye to give their children a place to learn to dance and praise God at the same time.

"It was just very important to us that our girls were in a good environment with good modest wholesome dance that was a big plus for us what we wanted and we just felt like what a wonderful ministry opportunity also," says Pollock.

"We have close to 70 dancers on roll now and we did very little publicity and advertisement. They've just come to our doors. Parents we see tears in their eyes when we pray before and after class," says Gaye.

It's also a place that only plays Christian music, but still remains a cool place for children and teens to have fun.

"It's pretty cool that we can have a Christian dance academy because then we wouldn't have to worry about doing anything un-Christian," says dancer Jasmine Gaye.

"People think that if it's a Christian Dance Academy you would be doing all this praise and worship and stuff and it's not all praise and worship," says dancer Kaylie Pollock.

"At the other dance academies and studios they play all different sorts of music. It's not necessarily just Christian, so you're exposed to things sometimes that you might not want to be exposed to," says instructor Keri House.

But what the dancers are exposed to is instruction in all types of dance and the ability to use what they learn to minister to others.

"We hope that when people see us dance and hear the music that we dance to that they're actually touched in their hearts by it," says Nicole Gaye.

The Upper Room Dance Academy has been open for just over a week. They are also planning an adults dance class as well as bible study for parents while they wait for their children to finish dancing.

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