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Top democratic candidates rally in Worth Co.

October 23, 2004

Sylvester- Georgia's top democrat, Lt. Governor Mark Taylor speaks to Worth County voters about the importance of the upcoming election.

"The democratic party of Georgia has got a better plan for this state's future, and the democratic party has a better plan for the working families of America," he says.

Though he won't be on the November 2nd ballot, Taylor throws his support behind his fellow democrats who will, like Congressman Sanford Bishop.

"We are begging and urging all of our people to come out and express themselves on November 2nd about the policies and the people who will make those decisions about the direction that our country will go, the direction that our state will go and the directions that our local governments will go," says Bishop.

As Congresswoman Denise Majette makes her run for the U.S. Senate, she reminds voters about the lack of women who serve on capital hill.

"The national population is more than 50% women and the population in Georgia including the voting population is more than 50% women and we need to make sure that in the senate and in congress and at all levels that our government reflects who we are as a community," Majette says.

"We need three senators," says state senate candidate Howard Rainey. He tells voters they can help Taylor take back the senate by electing three democratic senate candidates.

House seat 152 candidate Earleen Sizemore says though education and healthcare top priority lists for all voters, she's dedicated to addressing the issues that Worth Countians are facing.

"Here is also the property and tax and part of that goes to pay for education and other things and it's my desire that the state will be able to assume some of these costs rather than passing these costs on to the local," Sizemore says.

The candidates are hoping their messages to Worth Countians will resonate at the polls on election day.

The candidates also urged voters in Worth County to take advantage of early voting which starts on Monday.

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