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Military Holiday Packaging

October 22, 2004

Albany - How do you feel when an unexpected and thoughtful card comes in the mail? Triple that feeling and that's how soldiers feel when they get care packages overseas, especially during holidays.

The postman says, "Tough job, but smebody has got to do it."

That somebody is Michael Porter.  He loads up his post office truck and says, "We're about ready to hit the street."

Off to work he goes, whisteling mailbox to mailbox. He adds, "It's starting to pick up a bit."

And Porter is picking up where he left off. He says to neighbors, "Oh, yeah. I've been gone for a while, but I am your regular mailman."

The Albany mailman left his route for 15 and a half months. He sighs, "It was something."

Porter was in the dessert, driving trucks in Iraq with the 1148th Transportation Company and just like the other soldiers, Sergent Porter yearned for something he can't get enough of back home...mail.

He remembers, "Each time you get a card, it's like reading a good book and you just don't want it to end, so you go back and read it over and over."

And now, more than ever, Porter admits, "You really want that [military mail] to get there."

As Sergeant Porter makes his rounds back home, he adds, "It's wonderful, wonderful", he may give special attention to those packages with addresses to the Middle East.

Sergeant Michael Porter says once their unit got e-mail hooked up, letters became few and far between.


The longer you wait to send military packages for the holidays, the more it will cost you.

These are the safe dates created by the United States Postal Service:

  • You should send Parcel Post Packages by November 13th.
  • The next cheapest way to get a Christmas care package to your military loved one is by Parcel Airmail, but you should get those boxes out by December 4th.
  • First Class letters, cards and Priority Mail packages need to be in the mail by December 11th.

Here's a link to the United States Post Service website.

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