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New tools save lives

October 22, 2004

Boston - Imagine a van has just been involved in a major wreck, and a family is trapped inside. When firefighters arrive on the scene, they learn they'll have to cut the victims out of the van.

"In the past, we've had one set that came and serviced the entire county from Thomasville," says EMS Director Chris Jones. But now, Thomas County has three new extrication sets in Coolidge, Ochlocknee, and here in Boston. Jones says, "It allows us to have personal there in a short amount of time, and it gives them the tools that they need to go ahead and proceed and start doing the extrication."

It's a two in one tool, allowing responders to spread and cut the metal, another time saving, life saving measure. When Thomas County firefighters first respond to an accident where they have to extricate someone from the vehicle, they sometimes first break the glass. That's a precautionary measure to make sure anyone inside the car, or one of their responders will be safe. Safe from the glass unexpectedly shattering while they are working to rescue the victims, something these firefighters are not only proud of, they're prepared for.

Jones says, "We've come a long ways in the past couple of years and I feel like this is a huge accomplishment for Thomas County and the Thomas County fire department." And, most especially, the people they serve.

Thomas County now has four sets of extrication tools. They plan to add to that number next year.

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