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Mayor's bus tour

October 22, 2004

Albany -- Southwest Georgia city leaders say regionalism could be the key to economic growth in the area.

Albany Mayor Willie Adams hosted several fellow Mayors from across Southwest Georgia Friday, hoping to start this cooperation.

The Mayors of 14 South Georgia towns enjoyed the Beauty and the Beast Disney Ice Show, and then boarded a bus for a tour of Albany's Downtown redevelopment, hosted by Albany Mayor Willie Adams. Adams said "We're excited, a great day for Southwest Georgia."

Tommy Chatmon says "we recognize and appreciate that you come to Albany all the time." The bus tour showed the Mayors the Riverquarium, new Law Enforcement Center, and Conference Center under construction.

Adams invited the Mayors to talk about regionalism, with cities working together to improve Southwest Georgia. "It takes several parts to make a whole, and this is just the beginning."

The Southwest Georgia Mayors welcomed the idea of communities working together, for the improvement of the entire region. Mayor Jay Powell said "The opportunity that we have to get together and share ideas and hopefully share vision for Southwest Georgia I think could mean a lot of things for this area."

Tifton Mayor Paul Johnson said "What's important to Tifton Georgia is important to Albany and indeed to all of Southwest Georgia."

Montezuma Mayor Willie James said "Share the best things that are going on in each community, and I can take good ideas back to the city of Montezuma and Macon County, and work with our elected officials."

These Mayors say the idea of regionalism could be key to more future economic development of Southwest Georgia, all as one.

Mayor Adams said he hopes to host even more Mayors from Southwest Georgia in another regionalism meeting soon.

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