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When should kids go trick or treating?

October 22, 2004

Albany/Lee County- Monsters, ghosts and even fairies will wander the streets on Halloween, but when will they do it? Melanie Dale plans to take her daughter Emilee trick or treating. Dale said "We'll probably go Sunday afternoon."

Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, but some communities, like Lee County are encouraging people to celebrate Halloween Saturday, October 30th. Lee County Sheriff's Department Chief Dennis Parker says "It does conflict with people that go to church." "We'll go to church too and then trick or treating that afternoon," explained Dale.

Some don't like holding what started out as the Feast of the Dead on what many observe as the Lord's Day. Dale said "We don't have a problem with that," and neither does the City of Albany. "Trick or Treat night in Albany will be on Sunday on Halloween; although, it's beyond our control when people choose to observe Halloween," explained Assistant to Albany City Manager Kevin Hogencamp.

Albany police say Sunday will be the safest night for kids to trick or treat. Hogencamp says "There are fewer teenage drivers on the road, less drinking and driving." Police will drive through residential areas in Albany on Sunday, While In Lee County the Pumpkin Patrol Safety program will be in full force on Saturday.

Thomasville, Valdosta and Cordele will observe Halloween on Saturday. Americus will observe Halloween on Sunday.

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