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Protest at Habitat headquarters

October 21, 2004

Americus-- A handful of some angry Habitat for Humanity homeowners and their children protest outside Habitat International headquarters.

The woman behind the rally says she is upset because her neighborhood association was dissolved.

The protesters say the New Horizons Habitat Board dissolved the association because the homeowners would not cough up $5,000 dollars to help pay for a local Boys and Girls Club.

Homeowners just got a $105.00 check from the board--money the protesters say is a bribe.

Protest organizer Margo Mitchell says, "Habitat has never sent a check out, a rebate check or any kind of check. They only sent this check out because they heard we were going to boycott and it was a bribe to stop us from boycotting, that is simply what it is."

The Board's President, Bill NeSmith, says, "That is the first time we have heard that particular word used. It is not a bribe. You have to return the money. If there is not a legitimate use for it, you have to return it to the homeowners."

The board president says the money is left over from the homeowner's association account, and they have to give it back.

He also says it is no surprise the association was dissolved since the original intent was to turn over full responsibility to the homeowners.

He says if they want to start an independent homeowners association, they will have the full support of the board.

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