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Attorney, former Rep. run for Georgia Senate

October 21, 2004

District 13- Democrat Howard Rainey has twenty-six years of experience in the Georgia House of Representatives. "I've always enjoyed politics,"says Rainey, but he's taken more time to focus on his real estate commercial leasing business in Cordele for the past decade and a half.

With the District thirteen State Senate seat up for grabs, Rainey is ready to go back. "For this part of Georgia, I feel like now, more than ever before, we need experience in this legislative process, " explained Rainey.

Rainey says he wants to bring more jobs to South Georgia. "We have at this time, plenty of people that's willing and able to work if they had the proper training through the tech schools, and through the agriculture program. We can fill those jobs and we can make this a better part of Georgia, " said Rainey.

Rainey's Republican opponent Joseph Carter has a successful law practice in Tifton. He says bringing more jobs to the area is at the top of his list, too. "Good quality jobs to South Georgia, not just jobs that pay minimum wage, but the kind of jobs that enhance the lives of the people who live here, " explains Carter.

Carter serves on the Tift County Board of Education. He says "I've had deal with budget issues, transportation issues, with personnel issues," but Rainey feels he's the more qualified candidate. "Experience, experience, There's no substitute for experience," says Rainey.

Experience as a House Representative could give voters a reason to send Rainey back as a Georgia legislator, but Carter feels he's got fresher ideas that can make a difference. Carter said "I think the difference between me and my opponent is our vision for the future."

That future is up to you on November 2nd.

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