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Event planners bringing concerts, shows to Albany

October 20, 2004

Albany- Earlier this year, people packed into Chehaw Park for the Sevendust concert, a show put on by Clear Channel station 97.3.

Now Real Rock is at it again, with Real Rock Fest coming up this Saturday, with 11 bands playing and a BMX championship happening at the same time.

"You can watch alternative sports," said Real Rock's morning DJ, DoubleDown. "You can watch alternative rock."

The bands are headliners Socialburn and Trust Company. Playing through the day are local bands Monroe Brown, Threshold and Downpipe. Also, Hand Honey, Encidius, One Less Reason, Element Eight, Big Dismal and Still Naive.

The presale numbers for the all day concert are encouraging.

"Over a thousand... and that's huge for this area," he said. "We had a little over 2,000 out for Seven Dust, but the presale for Sevendust wasn't where we are now. So we're looking at already exceeding that."

The number of tickets selling ahead of time for the Albany Civic Center's Disney on Ice are also strong. Traditionally, tickets always sell well the day of this type of event in Albany.

"We will have lines all over the place at the last minute," said Mattie Goddard, director of the civic center.

The Willie Nelson concert isn't far away either. But promoters need to see people filling the seats for these kinds of shows.

"That put us in a position to have more events here, be it concerts or whatever," Goddard said.

"Because I think more people are getting behind it," DoubleDown said. "More people are realizing that everyone does want to see some events. People want to see live music."

But it they want to keep seeing big acts, then they have to keep showing up in big crowds.

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