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Train derails in Early County

October 20, 2004

Early County- A train traveling through Early county derailed right next to a crossing on Highway 62 about 2:00 this morning. "We immediately got people out here on the site," said Georgia Department of Transportation worker, Susan Devane.

Rescue workers were relieved to find no one was injured, but the accident did cause an environmental concern. "There's peanuts with some kind of treatment on them, on the car that's derailed," explains Devane.

That treatment is potentially hazardous. Devane says "They were bringing somebody here to see if any of that was leaking out." Workers from Norfolk Southern Train company suited up in protective gear and worked throughout the day to prevent any leakage before the three engines and rail car were removed from the tracks. "

Georgia DOT set up a detour that left drivers traveling at least two more miles. Devane explained "Down highway 370 and then back out on to 62 on the other side of the crossing."

Investigators are looking at that crossing area closely because the cause of the accident has not been determined.

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