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Bazaar sell brings in big bucks

October 20, 2004

Thomasville - Hours before the doors even open, shoppers waited in line for this years Bazaar sell at All Saints Episcopal church in Thomasville. Clara Holeman says, "We get up early and get down here as soon as we can." And just minutes after the doors open, arms were filled with goodies people didn't want anyone else to get. Holeman says, "I just found one little dress here that I'm buying for my daughter-in-law."

Some people's bags were so heavy, they couldn't pick them up. "Well you can just get good bargains at good prices," says Holeman. "They always have nice merchandise and things to choose from and it's just a festive thing to do. It's fun to come out and mix with the people and see what's on sale here."

The women of the church organized the sell and hope to raise about $10,000 from the event, which only lasts about four hours. Jinanne Parrish says, "The money that we raise here goes to charities in Thomasville and Thomas County, so it's all for charity."

But that doesn't mean these shoppers will be charitable with their new finds. "Push and shove, but be polite," says Holeman.

And if the shoppers didn't find what they were looking for, there's no need to worry, they'll have another chance. "We just love it, so we look forward to next year," says Holeman.

As do the people in need that will benefit from this bazaar occasion. The church will also hold an auction November 10th to raise money for charities. In all, they hope to raise about $60,000.

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