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Consolidation could save two million dollars a year

October 19, 2004

Albany -- Consolidating the Albany City and Dougherty County Governments could save taxpayers two million dollars a year. That's the conclusion of a study done by the consolidation committee.

A final report from that committee is expected in about a month. After a year and a half of work, the rough draft of the Governmental Study Commission was handed out to the members Tuesday.

They will study it for a week, then meet again for revisions.

 The group worries their report may be ignored because of politics. Study Commission Chairman John White said "Some of the elected officials may not support it because it takes away their base of power, their base of operation. It may eliminate their city or county seat. So it becomes a political matter."

The Consolidation study commission hope to present their findings to City and County Commission members in November.

 John White said if they agreed to consolidation, voters could be deciding the issue in a year and a half.

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