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Kids learn importance of voting

October 19, 2004

Thomasville - "Though you are only 40% of our population, you make up 100% of our future," says Congressman Sanford Bishop. Today, 1000 future leaders had an opportunity to meet current political leaders through a video teleconference.

"The kids grow up into adults and then they could become the President or other political leaders," says 5th grader Charlie Wedding.

Students from Thomasville city, and county schools, as well as Brookwood learned that just one vote can make a big difference. Haylee Waller says, "It can can change the whole way that our world, or our city or county works."

But that will only happen if you actually show up to vote. "People talk about wanting changes and wanting things done, but you can only do that if you vote," says Cecilie Miller.

And that's just what these students plan to do on November 2nd through kids voting. Although their votes won't officially count for this election, they'll be better prepared when they do. Waller says, "It will help you make wiser decisions when you can vote."

One day when we could be voting for one of these kids. For children under 18 to vote, they must bring at least one registered voter with them that is also voting. Almost 3000 youth voted in 2002.

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