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Two Valdostans campaign for District 8 Senate seat

October 19, 2004

Valdosta - Senator Tim Golden hadn't planned on seeking re-election this year. "I got out initially because of family concerns, business, and time," said Golden.

But now, he says there's more work to be done. "I felt like I had an obligation to my district and community to continue what I've been doing," said Golden.

And in his 14 years in the General Assembly, he's been doing a lot. Golden lists his greatest accomplishments as helping establish the sales tax holiday, the Hope Grant, and the One Georgia Authority. "One Georgia has created thousands of jobs in my district and provided over 10 to 12 million dollars in grants," said Golden.

Now he's ready to head back to Atlanta and address health care issues. "I'm already doing research on a couple of bills, one I've already introduced and one I'm looking at introducing dealing with long term care insurance," said Golden.

Republican candidate Rusty Griffin may not have the political experience Golden does. "Its not something I really had on my radar screen," said Griffin.

But he says he brings a bigger asset to the table. "Running the state of Georgia is a big business and we need business people to make Georgia run more effectively and productively," said Griffin.

This life long Lowndes County resident ran an agri-chemical business here for 38 years and says he knows the needs of this area. Like his opponent, Griffin is also concerned with issues of job development and health care, but he says it all starts with education. "Unless we are providing them with top quality educational opportunity and we reduce drop out rates and we're supporting our teachers, we're going to be missing the boat," said Griffin.

Both candidates have promising plans for the 8th District, and hope voters will give them the chance to put those plans into action.

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