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City approves wine-pouring license

October 18, 2004

Ocilla- Peck's Place Restaurant has been serving up home-cooked meals for over eleven years, and owner David Shuman says that Peck's is a place for the entire family.

"Kids and people eating and things like that having fellowship, that the atmosphere," he says.

Shuman believes serving alcohol in his restaurant would take away from that atmosphere.

"You don't have to have alcohol to be a first class restaurant either. You can make it without it. Good food and good service is all you need."

And Peck's patrons seem to agree.

"Go home and have a glass of wine," says Charles Wills.

Mayor Lamar Royal says voters agreed to the sale of beer and wine years ago, and now with the city council's unanimous vote, restaurants can obtain a license to pour wine by the drink.

"There's a possibility that some restaurants might seek to come to Ocilla if they know they can serve wine with the meal," Royal says.

But Ocilla restaurants have already been able to get licenses to sell beer by the drink, and still none of them have opted to.

"This will simply supplement the fine restaurants that we have. We would like to get more restaurants here to attract more people to come from other areas to the city of Ocilla," says Royal.

"Alcohol is not your answer for your city to bounce back on. You need industry and stuff like that. If alcohol is your answer then you're in bad shape," says Shuman.

If other restaurant owners agree with Shuman, no matter what the ordinance allows, restaurants that serve alcohol may be few and far between.

For a restaurant to qualify for a wine-pouring license, it must be able to seat at least 30 people and must account for at least 70% of it's sales being food.

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