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Georgia Senate District 11

October 18, 2004

Thomas/Mitchell County - As tractors race to finish picking this year's peanut crop, the race for District 11 is nearing the end, and someone will soon be left in the dust.

When asked to describe himself, candidate Murray Campbell said he is, "A product of Southwest Georgia."

"John Bulloch's a fourth generation farmer from North Thomas County," says Bulloch when describing himself.

The candidates for District 11, incumbent John Bulloch and candidate Murray Campbell, are both farmers, both family men, and both believe two key issues need to be picked up and driven forward to the capital.

Campbell says, "You really can't do economic development in Southwest Georgia unless you spell it E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N." "Education is a very big factor there as we work with new developers and new industry coming into this community, they look at the workforce, and they want to know, is it trained or is it trainable," says Bulloch.

So what divides these candidates? Well for starters, Campbell is a Democrat, Bulloch a Republican who is currently representing District 11, in the Georgia Senate.

Bulloch says, "I have the ability to be able to be able to serve the citizens better than my opponent because of the years of experience I've had in public service, as well as being a member of the majority party of the Senate." Campbell says, "The first thing to do, would be to establish some relationships. I have some relationships already with the Democratic leadership, not only within the senate, but in the house."

In addition to the two candidates wanting to improve education and economic development in South Georgia, Bulloch wants to improve healthcare, Campbell wants to keep South Georgia's natural resources, like water, in South Georgia. All you have to do, is decide which candidate, will most likely represent your beliefs.

"What we need to be concentrating on is what the truth is and what the real issues are to better serve the people in this great state," says Bulloch. Campbell says, "We'll build from there to try and draw some common interests, so we can work across the aisle with some folks to do the things that are right for Southwest Georgia."

Especially the eight counties District 11 will represent. District 11 is made up of part of Thomas and Mitchell counties and all of Grady,Seminole,Decatur, Early, Miller and Colquitt counties.

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