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Seniors looking for help to save center

October 18, 2004

Albany- Elizabeth Hogan counts on the James Gray Senior Center, because she knows it's a good atmosphere for her mom.

"It's life-saving and especially for her being home alone," Hogan said.

And they do enjoy the meals they share together, but it's more than that.

"It's just to be out here, to have the companionship of all the people," said Sue Parker, who comes to the center each day. "We sit around and talk, and we share each other's problems and it's just a good fellowship time that we have out here."

This could be some of the last lunches this group has here, because the east Albany center is set to close by December 31. But they're not letting that happen without trying to get some help first.

The seniors are appealing to county and city officials for help. A representative from the Southwest Georgia Council on Aging, that runs the center, told the county commission Monday that budget cuts have been tight, and the center's attendance is low. Volunteers say the center is only a few people of regular attendance and that shouldn't be enough to close the center.

"It's just not right, because this is a federally funded program and it should be divided equally and it should be worked out," Parker said.

"I want to know that it's here, it's fully funded and it's fully staffed," Hogan said.

And Elizabeth is planning to do whatever it takes to make sure these seniors don't end out the year by saying good bye to their center.

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