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Girl Scouts spread mosquito safety info

October 18, 2004

Lake Park - Girl Scouts in Troop 460 are coloring for a good cause. "For Jennifer Tucker because she got bit by a mosquito and had a disease," said Sandie Guess.

Jennifer was infected with Eastern Equine Encephalitis last summer. Most of these girls have never even seen her, but wanted to share the bond of girl scout friendship. They made a coloring book in her honor. "She's a girl scout and she lives in Valdosta," said Sophia Timm.

Each page in the coloring book was designed by one of the girl scouts, and gives an important message in mosquito safety. "I drew a picture of a girl wearing long sleeves and pants telling how you should dress when you go outside to protect yourself from mosquitos," said Guess.

"All of the information came from the Center for Disease Control and for the most part the book tells you how to prevent mosquito borne illnesses," said Tina Freeman, Troop Leader.

Right now the coloring books have only been distributed to troops in Lowndes County, but they're hoping to print more soon. "We're trying to get additional money so girls across the state can each have one and we've had interest from boys and girls clubs, other organizations wanting to use them for educational purposes," said Freeman.

The girl scouts earned three badges for their project, but most importantly, they're learning how to help others in their community, and spreading information that could save another life.

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