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Business owners take aim at deer hunters

October 17. 2004

Cuthbert -- Saturday marked the official start of modern arms deer hunting season. And For Randolph County that means their local economy is about to get a shot in the arm ,thanks to hundreds of out of town hunters pouring into town.

Even after three hurricanes Danny Renfore and his friends from Gainesville, Florida wouldn't miss their annual deer hunting trip to Cuthbert.

Renfore says the fertile hunting grounds and the community bring him back every year.

"It's just a really good community, everyone treats everybody really well here," says Renfore.

As dozens of hunters fill up local hunting grounds they're giving many local business the yearly economic boast they depend on.

"Talk to any business person in Randolph County and they will tell you without deer season and residents we would be gone," says Brooke Hixon.

Hixon owns a supply and convenience store in the downtown Cuthbert. He says he's been looking forward to hunting season, but he thinks his profits won't be as good as they were last year.

"This year has been real tough on us because of the impact of the hurricanes. We feel it up here so much when something bad has happens in Florida," says Hixon.

But even with the setbacks this year, Hixon knows the friendly community and quality hunting will be a good enough of a combination to keep hunters and doe flowing in Randolph County.

Deer season pumps about $800 million a year into the Georgia's economy.

Any good deer hunter will tell you that before a deer will see or hear you they will smell you.  That's why some of the most popular hunting tools this season are the ones that disguise the hunter's scent.

Hunters can buy spray-on-scents that mimic everything from the smell of the forest to a female deer.

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