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Police say S. Georgia man gunned down ex-wife

October 15, 2004

Decatur County -Investigators say he planned the whole thing. On Friday, the intersection of Highways 309 and 241 in Decatur county was back to normal, but yesterday investigators were busy clearing what appeared to be a pre-meditated murder.

"He was near a local auto shop and flagged her down," says Sheriff Wiley Griffin. He says 35-year old Ronnie Vickers faked having auto trouble to catch a ride with his ex-wife Tyelicia. When she picked him up, he then held her at gunpoint against her will.

Griffin says, "When they approached the intersection of 309 and 241, she got out of the car, somehow she got out of the car, and he stopped the car. And as she was trying to get out of the car, he shot her in the leg."

According to an incident report, Ronnie Vickers continued shooting his wife, at least three times in the head, then, he ran over her body, and fled the scene, driving across the state line into Florida.

As investigators were examining Tyeleshia Vickers body, Ronnie Vickers did something no one expected; he returned to the scene of the shooting. An eyewitness pointed him out and he was arrested.

Griffin says, "I think once it sunk in, I don't know, I think the only thing he knew to do, was come back and say, 'hey, I done it,' and that's what he did." He led investigators to a bridge where he told them he disposed of the pistol and magazine clip. They've located the clip but are still looking for the gun, though they may never find the answers as to why Tyelicia Vickers had to die.

Sheriff Griffin says Ronnie and Tyelicia Vickers divorced earlier this year. Vickers was previously arrested for Driving Under the Influence but had not been arrested for domestic violence.

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