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South Health District gets small flu shot supply

October 15, 2004

Valdosta - Greta Cook stays up to date on her flu shots. "Just as a precaution so I won't have to miss work or pass it on to anyone else," said Cook.

Despite the nationwide flu vaccine shortage, she's not worried about her own health. "But I was concerned for my mother, she's 76 and has had several mini strokes and gets bronchitis really easy," said Cook.

And Cook's mother may just be in luck. The South Health District has managed to get its hands on a very small supply of the vaccinations. "Our original order was 7500 and I know its not even half of that," said Jennifer Steedley, Public Information Officer.

But before they can start vaccinating at their health departments, they'll have to start with nursing homes in the 10 county area. "I'm talking about the direct patient care staff as well as the people living in the homes," said Steedley.

There's no word yet on when the vaccinations will be available at health departments, but Steedley says there's no need for panic. They're doing everything they can to get more vaccinations in, and hope to have it before the flu season peaks. "This is still very early for vaccinations so don't be worried that you can't get your shot today or next week, a lot of clinics are held in late October, early November," said Steedley.

So Cook will try to be patient for now. "We're just waiting and watching the news," said Cook.

Hoping to hear that those much needed vaccinations are available for her family.

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