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Worth County Sheriff candidates speak out

October 14, 2004

Worth County -- Longtime Worth County Sheriff Freddie Tompkins says 20 years in office has shaped his leadership style, and he says it's one that works for Worth County.

But his opponent Sylvester's Interim Police Chief Tony Strenth says it's time for a fresh approach in the Sheriff's office.

Both Worth County Sheriff Freddie Tompkins and his Republican opponent Sylvester Interim Police Chief Tony Strenth will tell you there wasn't anything magical about the path that lead them into law enforcement.

"When I was in the army they put me in the military police so after I got out I never went looking for a job it came and found me," says Tompkins.

"I had two young sons and I wanted to spend more time with them so I thought well I found me a job eight to five so I could spend more time with them," says Strenth.

The candidates are similar in many ways. They both climbed the ranks in their career and have about 20 years of law enforcement experience. However their outlook on the problems in Worth County are very different.

"We have more young people getting killed by alcohol and speed then anything else and that needs to addressed," says Tompkins.

"I will enforce the domestic and family violence laws and my deputies will enforce the laws as Georgia state law says for them to do," says Strenth.

Strenth accuses the long time incumbent of being a mirco-manager and not maintaining a good relationship with city of Sylvester.

But Tompkins says that simply isn't true and says his leadership style is the reason citizens trust him.

Although, the candidates may not agree on how to lead they both agree that a larger jail and better funding will be key to the county's success.

But which one of them will be there to usher in those changes will be up to voters.

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