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Russian Farmers come to South Georgia

October 13, 2004

Crisp County- Hundreds of pecans are shaken to the ground at Canon Farms in Crisp County, and eleven Russians are taking notes. Facilitator Svetlana Vasilieava explains "These businessmen have come here to get to know some new ideas, concepts, technologies and to aquire experience."

They are experiencing the life of a South Georgia farmer.  One of the farmers said "I've come to see how farmers live here, how my colleagues actually live and work."

Vasilieava said "We saw horses and cows and equipment, and after that would be to a peanut company, cotton field, tree farm and the fish hatchery."

These farmers live and work on opposite sides of the globe, but they have a lot in common. They have the same goals, and they experience similar problems. They're hoping to solve those problems together by sharing information. "We would like to share our successes with growing pecans," says South Georgia farmer Bill McWilliams.

They also hope to develop and  maintain  good relationships.  Vesilieava said "This tremendous hospitality that the group is exposed to, it's really unbelievable."

It's an unbelievable experience these farmers plan to take home to improve the Russian economy.

The farmers will be in South Georgia for two more weeks. They plan to tour Albany and Moultrie next.

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