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Puppy catches Parvo, shuts down shelter

October 14, 2004

Thomasville - The shelter that puppy was adopted from is under quarantine, and employees are working to make sure no other dogs are sick. These dogs beg to be taken home to a loving family, but they aren't going anywhere until it's determined that they're healthy.

Director Carol Jones says, "We're closed to the public. We can't take any animals in or adopt any animals out."

After a puppy was adopted from here and determined to have Parvo, a serious virus, the Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society was quarantined.

Jones says, "The concern is that we treat all the animals to properly sanitize the kennels so that people don't track this virus around."

Humans can't contract [this strain of] Parvo, but they can transmit it through their shoes, clothing and even hands. And if it's not caught soon enough in the canines, they can die from the disease.

Jones says, "It attacks the digestive track, so that means they could vomit or have bloody diarrhea, and you might not realize they are ill, or how ill they are."

But, with proper treatment, they can be cured. She says, "The earlier it's caught, the more likely the chances are that the dog will survive." And survival is key to these pooches, who hope they will soon be released from these cages into a loving home.

A puppy died at the shelter Tuesday, but the humane society does not yet know if it died of Parvo or not. Right now, they plan to reopen on October 22nd.

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