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Drivers put their lives at risk

October 13, 2004

Cordele- In a matter of minutes, four drivers rush to beat a train that passes through Cordele. "They're in too much of a rush, " says Mark Orcino who works with the Heart of Georgia Train company.

They're rushing to get across the tracks before crossing arms drop. Cordele Police officer Carrie Lull explains "We have about seventy-two trains run through here daily."

"People going around the gates are a daily occurrence," said Orcino. Trying to beat the trains seem to be common driving behavior in this town. Orcino explains "As soon as the lights start alternating, you're suppose to stop, yield to the train and stop before that line."

It is a law that school buses and fuel trucks stop at every single railroad crossing. "A gas truck, it poses a danger to the entire area," says Orcino.

Lull explains "Drivers just become complacent because we're use to seeing so many trains." Racing a train could cost you a lot of money. "We've increased our fines to $101.25," said Lull. If you cause an accident by illegally passing through a train crossing, you could be fined more than $200.00.

Three vehicles have collided with trains in Cordele this year.

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