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Cuts in ag education could hurt learning experience, resources

October 13, 2004

Worth County- It may soon get a lot harder for high school agricultural education students to get the hands on experience they need.

Worth, Lee and Turner high school students are getting these hogs ready to show at the Georgia National Fair this week.

But projects like this could disappear after State School Superintendent Kathy Cox cuts $2 million dollars for agricultural education statewide. Those cuts include money that pays for support staff.

"What happens then is that it trickles down to the classroom and we won't be getting the resources that we need as teachers to educate the students who are in our classes," said Donald Gilman, the ag education teacher at Worth County Middle School.

Gilman also says that research from the University of Georgia shows agriculture students are scoring higher on science portions of standardized tests.

People concerned about cuts in agricultural education should contact their state representative, state senator or the Department of Education.

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