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Hundreds line up for flu shots

October 12, 2004

Albany- There was a run on the flu vaccine Tuesday as local Health Departments reopened after being closed for Columbus Day.

Starting at 6:00AM, more than 200 people began lining up outside the Dougherty County Health Department to get the flu shot, and many were still waiting to get the vaccine hours later.

The actual shot is less painful than the wait to get it. "I will be sitting here until they close if they need me that long," said Eloise Cutts Kelley.

That's a long time, considering many of these people have been waiting to get a flu shot since before the Dougherty County Health Department opened. "Since 7:15 this morning," said Adult Health Director Vamella Lovett. "We are just asking everyone to be patient, we will get around to them."

The Health Department is handing out numbers on a first come first serve basis. "Well they gave us a number and my number is 68 so I am waiting for them to call number 68, but I will get my flu shot today," said Kelley.

As early as noon, a sign was posted asking newcomers to return first thing tomorrow, but its not because they have run out of flu vaccines.

"The day we give out numbers, when we give out as many numbers as we can that day, then we stop giving numbers."

But, those who had one of the lucky numbers are grateful to be getting the flu shot. "I feel better," said one patient. "very relieved."

Relieved they got the highly coveted flu shot, because it is in short supply. A major supplier of the flu shot, Aventis, plans to ship its remain 22.4 million doses of the flu vaccine to health workers treating high-risk patients.

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